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Summer Evening Storm by Jolomo

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Jolomo’s use of color has profound effect on him as did the work of the German Expressionists but in an optimistic expressionism. He would paint a landscape not as he saw it but as it affected him often after long period of assimilation and contemplation. He applies the pigment “wet-on-wet”, using no medium and usually mixing them to produce the precise color he requires. Jolomo’s c

olor has a symbolic value attached to them: red conveys excitement, orange is warming and energizing, yellow stimulates confidence and draws the eye. In many of his paintings, blue is frequently a key color used for its calming and healing properties, while the associated violets and indigos stimulate awareness and intuition respectively. White and black are both used to enhance the effect of other colors as well as adding their own qualities of illumination and energy to the canvas. Jolomo condenses the energy of colors which help to stimulate the viewers’ inner perceptions.

The first things that draw me to this “Summer Evening Storm” are the powerful colors and energetic stokes. Both preserve purity and originality in their characteristics, which I keep attempting to obtain in my work. The simplicity and sincerity of the strokes say so much in this painting! I’d love to achieve that, as I sometimes overwork my painting to exhaustion. The stories behind Jolomo’s colors stir me, as I was just analyzing my colors for an artist’s statement I am writing. Overall, I want to paint with simplicity that is full of expression and stimulus!

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