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Interconnectedness: Paintings of Trees

Throughout my career, which spans more than two decades, I have explored various subjects and themes, but the theme of connectedness ties them all together. In my Bare Trees series, I delve into the intricate relationship among trees and explore the fundamental bonds that unite us all.  

Exploring the intricate relationship between trees, their crowns, and roots has been a recurring theme in my work. Through careful observation and research, I strive to understand and capture the interconnectedness between trees, their surroundings, and humans. Just like the network of the tree's roots, we, too, are grounded in the earth, and just like the branches of a tree, we reach out to each other. Like trees, we must learn to adapt and persevere through the challenges we face in life. The natural world surrounding us connects us all through our shared experiences.

In all my paintings of trees, I aim to go beyond boundaries and create a feeling of unity and connection among people. Through my art pieces, I encourage viewers to stop, think, and ponder the intangible bonds that unite us all. My artwork inspires positive transformations and helps people appreciate the interdependence of all living beings.

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