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Exploring the Uncommon: Learning to See Again

From the bunkers to dreams of interconnectedness.

My journey through the art world explores the profound connection between artistic expression and the essence of connectedness. This journey began in my childhood and has continued to shape my adult life. Transforming into a fine artist has taken me from seeking solace in a bunker during times of conflict to rediscovering the power of creativity to understanding how we are all connected no matter where in the world we are.


The turbulence of war marked my early life as tanks rolled through my town in 1982, when Israel invaded Lebanon, leaving my family and me grappling with fear and uncertainty. Those formative experiences etched vivid memories of terror and survival in my mind. The simple act of chasing candy thrown by foreign soldiers meant to reassure us eventually became a nightmare in which the candy might be poisoned. My family's nights were spent huddled together under a staircase, seeking shelter from bombs that relentlessly shelled our town.

Sheltered from war, the beginning of a transformative journey.

Art from the Conflict Zone


Amidst the darkness and uncertainty of those times, a glimmer of light emerged as I discovered the transformative power of art. In the safety of our bunker, I began sketching, allowing my imagination to roam free on paper. Creating art became my sanctuary, a way to escape the harsh reality surrounding me. My sketches captured moments of hope and surprises amidst the chaos, providing a brief respite from the trials of life in a conflict zone.




While I delved into graphic design during my undergraduate years, painting and drawing were the rhythmic pulse of my creative existence. This beat led me to my inaugural art show in 1992, where my work was displayed at the American University of Beirut's Environmental Art Show. My piece, nature, and connection resonated deeply and garnered attention in esteemed competitions such as the Ministry of Environment Art Competition and the Goethe Institute in Lebanon.




A path paved with transitions guided me across continents; I was born in Liberia and, at age 12, moved to Lebanon. Soon after, I emigrated to Las Palmas de Gran Canaries before I settled in Texas in 2000. Each new destination presented unique challenges, but art constantly facilitated my navigation through unfamiliar territories and emotions. The longing for the familiar vistas of home propelled me to seek inspiration amidst foreign landscapes, prompting a shift in my perspective. No longer lamenting what I lacked, I embraced the art of seeing wonder in seemingly ordinary places. My viewfinder became my passport to new worlds, revealing hidden mysticism in the most unexpected corners.


The creek that winds its way near my Texas home has grown to symbolize much more than a natural waterscape; it has become a profound reflection of my inner journey, delving deeper into the currents shaping our existence.


I realized that my role as an artist extended beyond aesthetic creation. It became a vessel for cultivating wellness – not just in a physical sense, but in the enrichment of our collective consciousness. The creek's constant evolution showcased the power of change and adaptation, reminding us that by embracing new viewpoints, we can initiate a transformative process that extends to our well-being and understanding of humanity and ourselves.


In retrospect, the creek transformed from a simple geographical feature into a profound source of inspiration and growth. It taught me the art of introspection, encouraging me to dive into the depths of my being and extract meaning from the currents of life. My path has transformed, evolving from an individual artist to a catalyst for change. This role encompasses shaping perspectives, amplifying voices, and fostering unity among all corners of our diverse world.


Solo exhibitions


Solo exhibitions in 2009 and 2017, including Rendezvous with Light & Water and Reflections, bore witness to the evolution of my artistic exploration. Through these paintings, I delved into the meaning of my identity as an artist, unearthed profound ties to my family, and grappled with the definition of 'home' away from the comfort of one. Each painting within the Reflection series stemmed from the same serene spot – my dedication to understanding the interplay of light and water.


Through these series, I embarked on an inner pilgrimage, contemplating the essence of art, its role in society, and its potential to tell stories and kindle empathy. Numerous collective shows and competitions from 2010-2022 led to prestigious awards, including the Award of Excellence at the Annual Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition, the Unique by Nature Award at McKinney Performing Arts Center, Honorable Merchant Award at Texas Woman's University, the Merchant Award Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition, California Grant Award from Academy of Art University.


My devotion to my art burgeoned into an obsession, particularly with trees. Their steadfast presence and interconnectedness with all living things became a source of endless fascination. Their silent collaboration underground, weaving intricate networks that nurture and support each other, is a testament to their unity and an inspiring mirror for humanity's potential for interconnectedness and mutual aid across all borders. This journey culminated in my upcoming participation in the Florence Biennale in October 2023, where I'll unveil the new body of work.


From the bunker of my childhood to international exhibitions, my narrative has unfolded as a testament to the profound connection between artistic expression and the threads that bind us all. As I keep discovering the delicate relationships between light, water, trees, and the beauty of nature, my art naturally aligns with a fundamental reality: we are all connected.



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