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2024 LA Art Show &
Above all Family Love

Attending an art fair with my family fills me with so much gratitude.

Thank you to everyone who came to support me.

Florence Biennale 2023

Theme: I AM YOU

Individual and Collective Identities in Contemporary Art and Design

My family is always my ROCK!

Guests contemplating the exhibition!

The Eisemann Center, Richardson, Texas


Not quite Abstract Expressionism and not quite Impressionism, Weeda Hamdan’s work combines the best of both styles into a breathtaking exploration of the unnoticed and underappreciated. A lover of nature, light, and (of course) art, her work features elements of the natural waterscape, expressed through unique vantage points in order to fully celebrate their unusual qualities. A stand of trees is seen not by looking up at them, but rather by looking down to their reflection in a body of water. As our eyes move across the canvas, we’re drawn in by the wonderfully tactile surface—light and shadow become characters in a timeless drama, highlighted with exuberant hues of azure and violet, mingled with rose, lush green, and a vibrant canary yellow. Her technique of using short, wide brushstrokes allows shapes and colors to undulate and flow across the canvas in generous cascades. Hamdan’s work encourages us to appreciate these places of peaceful solitude with new eyes and a free spirit.

“Through color, light, and composition even the most common places can become uncommon and much more than their parts.”  Weeda Hamdan

Guests at exhibit

Eisemann Center Solo Exhibit

Invitation Card

Postcard marketing piece for Reflections Exhibition.

Wonderful support!

Collectors and beautiful friends!

My dear parents!

They came all the way from Lebanon to support me!!

My daugter

My daughter helping guest locate an original oil painting.


Guests asking about the paintings.

My daughter and friend

Keeping track of sales!


My daughter and friend happy at the exhibit!


Socializing with friends at the exhibit.


Oil Paintings displayed at the Eisemann Center.


Guest contemplating a reflections painting.

Art on the wall

Mixed media painting of reflections on the lake hanging at the Eisemann Center.


Friends supporting the art!


Guest observing Reflections in Green Harmony.


Their love fills the exhibit!


Art collectors purchasing mixed media painting.


Friends supporting the art!


Family supporting the art exhibit!


Guest reviews and testimonials.

Arabic words from mama!
Light, healing!
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