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Collector's Tip to Protect your Art Collection

Cleaning advice for paintings and artwork not under glass

Every once in a while take a clean damp cloth (like an old cotton tee shirt) and gently wipe the surface of an acrylic painting off to remove grime that has accumulated. This is only for artwork that is not under glass. First gently try an inconspicuous corner before progressing to be safe. Watch out for areas that are raised with little mounds of paint. Be careful that you don't catch them with your cloth and rip them off.

Temperature and humidity of your home

It's important to keep the climate of your home stable with the temperature about 70 degrees. Humidity should be about 50%. High humidity can cause works on paper to be destroyed by mildew. Paintings should hang farther out from the wall on the top and be closer at the bottom. Use sticky pads for paintings on the backs of your art on the bottom to push them out a little from the wall. The painting needs room so that air can circulate behind it. Be sure your wires and hanging hardware are in good condition so that the painting won't come crashing to the floor when you least expect it.

The sun is your art worst enemy

Whereas the sun turns us darker, it actually leeches the pigment from paper or canvas. Make sure your lamps have shades on them and aren't shining directly on your art. It's best for your paintings if they are rotated on a regular basis to give them periodic protection from light exposure.

Storing your art

If you need to put your painting in storage, only place it in a cool, dry area. It should be stored in an upright position.Don't forget to occasionally check for signs of insect damage and mildew.

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