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Welcome to Weeda Art Studio
Where the Most Common Places Become Uncommon

Read about the Artist.

I am a visual artist who practices expressionism.
My art revolves around transforming ordinary places into extraordinary ones.

Visit this page to see the final paintings.

Elevate Your Space: Acquire Modern Art at Weeda Art Studio


Experience the magic of transforming everyday spaces into extraordinary havens with Weeda's famous modern art pieces. Weeda's diverse selection of contemporary artwork is carefully crafted to inspire and captivate.

The gallery boasts a rich array of modern pieces that will breathe new life into your living spaces with large canvas wall art, turning them into vibrant retreats that reflect your unique style and personality.


Discover the Artwork Online


Embark on a journey of artistic exploration from the comfort of your home. Browse the collection of abstract paintings online and indulge in the seamless convenience of finding the perfect piece to complement you.


Explore the diverse collection of modern art for sale and immerse yourself in its transformative power. Art transcends the confines of space, similar to the journey it imparts to the soul.

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2100 Greenville Ave, Ste 119, Richardson, TX 75082

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