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Transformational Art for Your Workspace

Entrepreneurs and CEOs all over the world are recognizing the benefits of including deliberately selected, aesthetically pleasing artwork in their office decor. Not only does a beautiful or thought-provoking piece inspire both employees and clients, but it can enhance how clients feel when they walk into your business, affecting their mood and how they interact with you and what you offer.


Stimulate and Unlock Creative Potential

It is now well-documented that looking at artwork stimulates your imagination and brain activity, unlocking your creative potential. This inspiration helps generate innovative ideas, leading to improved, more efficient business practices and economic growth. Displaying artwork does more than make the space more pleasing or impress visitors – it can increase employee efficiency, productivity, and creativity.

Enhance and Energize the Atmosphere

Hanging paintings of peaceful, natural settings will encourage clients and employees to feel calm and peaceful, generating a general sense of calm. Conversely, a vibrant piece of artwork can add personality and energy to a conference room or breakroom, helping spur lively discussion or cheerful camaraderie. Thoughtful, conscientious selection of artwork subtly influences the space in which it is hung, affecting employee and client attitudes as soon as they walk through the door.

Transforming spaces and communities

We’re thrilled to provide two different options to transform beautiful art into a better chance at a beautiful life for an underprivileged child through supporting STEAM in education:

Rent to Own: If you decide to purchase the artwork at the end of your lease term, 50% of the rental cost will be applied toward the retail price of the painting.

Lease Only: Lower monthly payments with no plans to acquire the art.

Helping craft a beautiful life through art

As a child in a turbulent, war-torn country, Education Unbound’s co-founder Weeda Hamdan uncovered a mental escape from the cold terror of displacement: art. Living through multiple wars in Lebanon, Weeda and her family were displaced many times but often experienced warm welcomes and benevolent kindness from strangers. Now, you can join Education Unbound in extending a helping hand to vulnerable populations.

Since 2017, Weeda has championed educational opportunities for underprivileged children that can change the trajectory of their lives, marrying her ability to create art with her drive to help others carve out a beautiful life.

Rent art for offices.
Art rental in lawyer's office.

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