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Fleeting Blooms: A Tribute to Wildflowers

When Spring arrived this year, I was utterly surprised to witness wildflowers blossoming in the park behind our home. You see, I have lived here for 15 years, and this has been the first time the wildflowers had anything to say.


Day by day, I would check if they were still there, and to my surprise, they were spreading in glory, and with them came other forms of life.


I was filled with joy witnessing the soft colors of Spring and the presence of busy bees, graceful butterflies, elegant dragonflies, and other creatures. Despite my concern about the homeowner’s association possibly ordering the field to be mowed at any moment, I raced to revel in the beauty of their blooms, hoping they would fade naturally before being cut.


Buttery pinks and lime green grass splashed my canvases as I painted them with exhilaration and leery at the sudden appearance of the mowing machines. Here, my thoughts started to wander about their value in our ecosystem and how, for 15 years, they had not once had a chance to bloom. It made me wonder about our knowledge, or the lack thereof, to let them be—a micro contribution to help our pollinators, mitigate erosion, restore the soil, and not to mention their medicinal properties.


Then, of course, my mind wandered to places and people...

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